Form a young age I have always be interested in acting and preforming, the idea of being apart of
the industry has always been something I was interested in. In secondary school I had an amazing
drama teacher that made me believe that even though the industry is hard she believed that I was
capable of getting myself involved as long I had passion. In the summer of 2017 I did a six week
course at the Lyric theatre in Hammersmith where I got my bronze arts award and learned that there
were more jobs within the industry that I found more interesting and where I learned I had a need and
passion for directing. I spent the rest of 2017 and early 2018 doing work experience with different
companies, doing course and shadowing different professions in the industry. I was then lucky to
find different opportunities and then started my career as an artist.

I found out about Milk Presents in the summer of 2017 when I did the play in a week course at the
bush theatre, it was an amazing learning experience into exploring the topic of a how fluid gender is.
I wasn’t ever really told much about the fluidity of gender and sexuality and I thought it was such an
important topic to discuss and create work around because through the medium of theatre it makes
it more accessible and easier to understand. I loved the the fact that they was telling stories I
hadn’t heard before and being apart of the LGBTQ+ community I felt like I found people that could
share in my experience and help me express myself in such a positive way.

At the moment I am the company apprentice with Milk Presents and I have been given this amazing opportunity to go on tour with Bullish and be the teams sound operator! I had very little and limited experience in this sector but I was given a great teacher that helped me grasp it and teach me the skills of live mixing as well as cueing the sound. I also spent the rehearsal period shadowing a stage manager that taught me the tricks of the trade so I’m able to stage manage the show as well. I also assist the production manger on the get in and get outs while setting up the show and during focusing. As I had not much experience in sound I found it hard to time things perfectly but the cast and production team have been so supportive even when I did/ do make mistakes and they have belief in me which helps me to carry on and believe that every time we do a show I level up.

So far I have learnt that to make Theatre, it is a constantly changing thing and it’s a trial and error process, it’s amazing how collaborative the whole Milk team are and it’s something I really admire about them all as a collective. In terms of touring I have learnt that I am a city girl all the way though and that I can’t cope with shops closing at 5pm it’s way to early! This whole experience has inspired me to make work and that it doesn’t have to be finished or perfect and that although I am the director it is perfectly fine not know everything and just keep experimenting.My favourite moment of tour has to be watching Adam playing Thesus because every night he never fails to make me laugh. Every night I see the show i always notice something new and I think that’s a good thing because it means that the show is still alive and the energy is constantly changing and getting better.

After this tour I will be directing a show that will be on at the Lyric evolution festival in March and I want to keep making work but not just with writers I want to start something from a devising process and create it as we go along and then put it on as a show for a few nights. I also want to get my theatre company off the ground!