Making An Entrance is a development programme for artists identifying as LGBTQIA+, questioning or thinking about their gender / sexuality, who are entering the industry and starting out in theatre and performance. The programme takes a nurturing approach to supporting artists to help craft skills needed to bring their whole selves to the work.

To kick off this brand new two year scheme of work we are looking for two apprentices, specialising in directing and producing, to work with us across 2020 for around 7 weeks each. These apprentices will shadow Milk Presents’ core team members alongside the creation of our summer show, learn tangible skills for working in the independent theatre sector, and have the opportunity to develop their own project.

In 2020 Milk Presents will be making Marty & The Party with Derby Theatre, a new show for under 5’s. This is the main project that you will be working on, along with other areas of interest. 

Making An Entrance is supported by Jerwood Arts and delivered in partnership with The HopBarn Centre for Music and Creative Performance and In Good Company, the Midlands flagship artist development programme.


Apprentice Timeline: 

April – Apprentices appointed 

May / June – Producing preparation ‘Marty & The Party‘

July – Rehearsals for ‘Marty & The Party’

August – Marty & The Party’ two week performance run  

Autumn – Two weeks of bespoke development (can include development of own work) 


Commitment, Time & Fee 

Producing Apprentice: You will need to have 2 – 4 days available each month during May & June. Then you will be part-time (3 days a week) during July – mid August. You will then have two weeks in Autumn to explore a specific area of interest or develop your own work (1 week of rehearsal space can be provided at Derby Theatre) 

Directing Apprentice: Full time July – mid August. You will then have two weeks in Autumn to explore a specific area of interest or develop your own work (1 week of rehearsal space can be provided in Derby) 


Both Apprentices will work for a total of 7 weeks and be paid the following fee

Fee: £2954 (£84.50 per day, 5 days a week, 8 hours per day. This is in line with the London Living Wage) 

You will also receive £1000 to for travel & accommodation away from home


Who is it for?:

  • LGBTQIA+ identifying artists aged 18+ who are resident in the UK, and who have not entered higher education (University, BA, MA etc).
  • Folx with additional access needs – we encourage you to apply.
  • We actively encourage applications from QTIBPOC artists.
  • Folx based anywhere in the UK (some of the work will take place in Derby).


We can help to support child care costs if this is a barrier. 

We have provision to respond to access needs on an individual basis. 

You don’t need loads of experience – just a commitment to making performance and an enthusiasm to get involved. 


How to apply:

If you think this is you, please answer the following questions on a video (no more than 3mins) or write them down (no more than 300 words): 

  • Tell us about a project or a show you have seen or worked on. You could tell us about why you enjoyed it or why you didn’t! Or what you found challenging and/or fulfilling. 
  • Tell us why you are right for this opportunity and how it would benefit you at this moment in time
  • Tell us some of your plans or ambitions for the future. 
  • Please confirm you are available for the dates outlined above 

Please make sure you have good availability during the dates mentioned above before applying. 

Please also fill out and return this Equality & Opportunities Form for monitoring purposes only. 

The deadline to apply is Tuesday 31st March. Interviews will take place on Thursday 2nd April.

If you have any questions then give us a shout:

Twitter – @MilkPresents

Email –

Making An Entrance is supported by and delivered in partnership with the babes at: