Clubnights, cabarets, dance parties, symposiums – spaces to meet, party, daydream, think, connect. We run a variety of events outside of our usual performance projects. Get in touch if you’ve got an idea, a space or an act that you think would fit with what we do.

For now, here’s some of the events we’ve done in the past.


Calling GRRRLS, BOIS and everyone in between, come & play! 

CREAM is our signature club night. We’ve teamed up with drag king extraordinaire LoUis CYfer to create a queer focused gathering that blends together cabaret & queer performance with a bad ass knees up! It’s at once a party protest and a protest party: the work is always fun, sometimes angry and often outrageous. There’s also our Soap Box Slot – 2 minutes of space for your riot grrl rant, to plug your event, announce your divorce and generally hear about upcoming news in the community.

CREAM is a night that can be poured into any space and draw out the beautifully queer side of your community. 

We hand pick the artists and also keep some space open for new people and new work. If you would like to hear more about the night or are interested in performing then get in touch. 

In past events we’ve had contributions from:

Freddie Pluto (Amelia Stubberfield), Rachael Young, Caroline Horton, The Phoenix,


In April 2017 we hosted a ‘Bromance Cabaret’ at the Wellcome Collection as part of their ‘Macho?’ Friday late spectacular, exploring the delicate art and complex science of masculinity. 

What does it mean to be manly? Can we pin masculinity down, dissect it, understand it?

We curated a rolling cabaret of all things ‘Macho’ hosted by the ever-sassy LoUis CYfer. Featuring live performance from Nando Messias and The Great White Males, plus many more special performers. The audience got pumped for the best genderqueer acts in town, and even had a go themselves at dragging up and strutting their butch side in our drag salon.


Freddie Pluto, Phoenix, Rachael Young, LoUis CYfer, Nando Messias , The Great White Males


PILLOW TALK was a meeting of minds to discuss what queer performance is and means today. Queer performance encompasses some of the most exciting, innovative and important work out there and we want as many people as possible to have access to it so they can be as excited about it as we are.

PILLOW TALK was designed to unite those making queer work and promote it to those who may not know much about it. It’s an attempt to get more queer performance out there at a time when cuts are affecting the risk-taking nature of programmers and audiences.

The first PILLOW TALK was held at Cambridge Junction in February 2014. You can read a summary of the day and notes from the discussions clicking here. It was hosted by Scottee and included performances and contributions from:

Bourgeois and Maurice, Harold Offeh, Nando Messias, Figs in Wigs, Dickie Beau, Dr Stephen Farrier, Ruth McCarthy (Outburst Festival), Timberlina (Tim Redfern, Cake Tin Foundation), Barry Priest (Queer Contact), Joseph Mercier.

The event was produced by Milk Presents and supported by Cambridge Junction.

We hope PILLOW TALK can become a series of events and wider conversations across the UK. If you want some more information or you think you can help us take it further then we’d love to hear from you! 


Milk Presents bring you our naughty but nice scratch night: LUCK DIP!

Indulge in an evening of frivolous fun, dangerous liaisons and raucous celebration. Expect live music, theatrical happenings and up-front honest performance.

LUCKY DIP is a themed scratch night unconventionally hosted by a guest compere. It presents work-in-progress performances with flare, mischief and a fair amount of innuendo. The night always ends with a bloody good band in an unexpected place – imagine a knees up in dressing rooms, a  carpark or a kitchens. 

LUCKY DIP is a platform for local artists to show their work, take risks with their audiences and open up a discussion about new avenues


Laura Dee Milnes, Rachael Young, David Sheppeard, Cherry Liquor (Darren Purnell), Shady Jane, Henry Raby, 1623, Stipe and Day, Nicola Bellenger, Seas of Mirth, Jonny Biscuit.