If you don’t get a chance to see one of our shows then perhaps you can engage with our work and join the conversation another way.
We​ will create a photo exhibition that goes along side each of our live shows. Take a look at our first exhibition Asterion, which adorned the windows of Camden People’s Theatre in September 2017 and will travel with us on tour in Autumn 2018.


Photos by LJ Skilbeck & Holly Revell

ASTERION is a series of images. Images of positivity, of bliss, of inner peace and of power.

In Greek mythology, Icarus, son of the inventor Daedalus, flies on wings of wax, looping in front of the sun. His wings melt and the myth cautions him/you not to fly too close.

This exhibition is about flying super close and loving it.

An antidote to, an ignoring of, a swearing at, a dancing in front of, a punch to, a commanding of dysphoria, exploring feelings of freedom, release, elation and tranquility.

The images feature trans-masculine and gender-nonconforming performers of BULLISH: Krishna Istha, Cairo Nevitt, Lucy Jane Parkinson, Amelia Stubberfield.

The exhibition was made under the close mentorship of Holly Revell. Holly and her work, including the David Hoyle Photo Book can be found here.